Cover Uses

PM Sewing Cart Covers Have Many Uses Including Animal Facilities

Cart covers are an essential component of proper animal facility and laboratory operations. Institutions use PM Sewing covers in many ways, and their use is usually required within their daily SOP’s.

Common Applications for Custom Cart Covers

  • Maintain cleanliness of laboratory equipment after autoclaving
  • Preventing cross contamination when transporting caging and materials
  • Improved allergen protection for staff handling and transporting soiled animal caging
  • Protecting existing colonies from unknown contaminates like items used in quarantine
  • Protecting equipment from dust while in storage
  • Clear vinyl windows available for supply shelves to allow technicians to view contents before opening cover (non-autoclavable)
  • Covers have closures with zippers or Velcro for access without removing the cover
  • Transparent vinyl pockets available for identification cards (non-autoclavable)
  • Animal transport units
  • Bottle baskets and trolleys
  • Light sensitive protocols
  • Prevention of algae growth in reverse osmosis water tanks
  • Pet carriers with opening for handle
  • Bulk trucks